Choro Molina

purchase of tickets possible from 25/6 to 1/7
Donations collected for this performance will be sent to Spain to Company of Antonio Molina “El Choro”.  Thank you very much for your solidarity!

An exposé of Flamenco music and dance as we know the today, reminiscent of musical and choreographical repertory adopted or created by the Gypsies starting in the XVII century up until now.

Dance: Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’, Gema Moneo
Guitar: Jesús Guerrero, Juan Campallo
Singing: Pepe de Pura, Jesús Corbacho, Moi de Morón
Percussion: Paco Vega
Director and Choreography: Antonio Molina “El Choro”
Artistic Direction, Original Concept, Choreography, Screenplay, Repertoire, Music Conception: Rafael Estévez
Assistent of Director and Choreographer: Valeriano Paños
Original Music, Musical Adaptations: Jesús Guerrero, Juan Campallo
Musical Direction: Guerrero, Campallo, Molina, Estévez
Light Design: Olga García
Sound and Video: Félix Vázquez

Choro Molina (dance) was born in Huelva in 1985. He learned the basics of flamenco from his father “El Choro”. He amplified and deepened his training with Manolo Marín and Javier Cruz, until in 1999 he won the II Young Flamenco Dance Contest of Huelva held by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, thus settling in Seville to continue his studies at this school with teachers such as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Israel Galván, and Rafael Campallo among others. In 2002, he was part of the company of Israel Galván in the show “Galvánica”, premiered at the XII Flamenco Biennial. In 2003, he participated in the tour of the show, “Rafael Campallo and the Young Flamenco” organized by the Cristina Heeren Foundation. In 2004, he joined the Eva la Yerbabuena Company. During 2006-2007, he formed his first Company and toured different cities in Portugal and The Netherlands. In the following years he participates in different shows and companies that lead him to perform on stages around the world. In 2015, he joined the Vicente Amigo Company, participating in the new tour, and with which he continued in 2019. In 2016, he premiered his first show as a company owner at the Jerez Festival: Aviso: Bayles de Jitanos, under the direction of Rafael Estévez and produced by the Cristina Heeren Foundation in collaboration with the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco.