Pol Vaquero

purchase of tickets possible from 9/7 to 15/7
Donations collected for this performance will be sent to Spain to Company of Pol Vaquero and will be distributed among the performers who have performed in the recording and people “behind” the scene. Thank you very much for your solidarity!


Dance: Mónica Fernández
Dance: Pol Vaquero
Dancers: David García, Jonathan Miró, Jesús Carmona
Singing: Pepe Luis Carmona, Miguel Ortega
Guitars: David Cerreduela, Enrique Bermúdez
Piano: Pedro Ojesto
Chelo: Lito Iglesias
Percussion: Bandolero


Artistic Director: Mónica Fernández
Choreography: Mónica Fernández and Pol Vaquero
Musical Directors: Pedro Ojesto y David Cerreduela
Original Music: David Cerreduela
Light Design: Oscar de los Reyes 
Sound: Raúl Guerra

He began studying dance at the age of 10 at the Royal Conservatory of Cordoba, in classical, contemporary, Spanish and flamenco dance. When he was only 16 he was presented as a professional in Antonio Canales Company in his work Torero and one year later in Gitano and in La Casa de Bernarda Alba. In 1998 he danced as a soloist in the work of Medea, Galaica and Ritmos in National Ballet of Spain.

In 1999 he went a year on tour in Japan, Portugal, Israel and Spain with Vicente Amigo Company; and in 2000 participated in the Joaquín Grilo Company; also worked as a soloist in De Amore with Mauricio Sotelo. From 2001-2006 collaborates again with Antonio Canales; and is the first dancer and soloist in the National Ballet of Spain under the direction of José Antonio.

In 2007 he premiered his show Antojo in Barcelona. In 2008 went on tour with his own company and work Antojo; and, the following year, he joined the Daniel Navarro Company. In 2010 he went on tour as a choreographer and dancer in Cayetana su pasión with Cecilia Gómez Ballet Flamenco; and then worked on his show Tres por flamenco. From 2011-2014 he had an intense activity with his own company, but also as a guest artist at other famous companies. As a versatile artist, he has appeared in TV shows and Music Awards, participated in the video clip Corazón Partío of the singer Alejandro Sanz and also participated in the parade in Cibeles with the designer Francis Montesinos. He is well known as a dancer from New York, Brazil and even Tokyo, where he also taught courses and master classes. At the moment he is part of the Arrieritos Company for a new production and teaches at the University of Madrid Flamenco Uflamenco.