Nino de los Reyes

purchase of tickets possible from 18/6 to 24/6
Donations collected for this performance will be sent to Spain to Company of Nino de las Reyes and will be distributed among the performers who have performed in the recording and people “behind” the scene. Thank you very much for your solidarity!

Flamenco dance show that accentuates poetry as an emotional catalyst. We find our man in the midst of a grave crisis, uncertain whether to escape it in the most brutal and hopeless way possible. In this desire to devour worldly pleasures, Nino feels overwhelmed, trapped, stretched to his limits, forced to face himself before he loses himself and disappears.

Nino in orbit. Our man continues in constant elliptical motion. The cord breaks, Nino against the ropes, and space opens up before him. He has no reference point to evade a knock- out. The boxer stays standing, throwing punches into the void and at himself. The movements are violent, there is a loud bang and the space is hostile. With each blow he furiously searches for levity, equilibrium, and beauty.

Hard lunar landing. Nino decides to violently hurl himself against the mat, dive into vertigo, and risk his life, expending it only to escape from the agonizing state of anaesthesia of non- stop orbiting by force of the Earth, space, the Moon.

Zero gravity. The man rises progressively, accelerating continuously. He hopes for favorable conditions. Welcome to the moon base in the Sea of Tranquility.

Artistic Directors: Nino de los Reyes y David Picazo
Original Concept and Stage Director: David Picazo
Choreography, Dance, and Acting: Nino de los Reyes
Featured Artist (singing): Rafael de Utrera
Original Score and Guitar: Antonio Santiago “Ñoño”
Percussion and Samplers: José Manuel Ruiz Motos “Bandolero”
Choreography Consultant: Florencio Campo
Lighting Design: David Picazo
Sound: Víctor Tomé

Nino de los Reyes began his career at the young age of nine in the show Campanas Flamencas, directed by Paco Sánchez, founder of the legendary Cumbre Flamenca. He shared the stage with amenco stars including: Joaquín Grilo, Milagros Mengibar, La Tati, Antonio Reyes, and his own brother, Isaac de los Reyes.

From a young age he began to perform in great flamenco companies like those of Eduardo Serrano “El Güito”, Carmen Cortes, and Javier Barón.

He has formed part of Enrique Morente’s ensemble.

He has worked with artists in the flamenco eld such as: Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Juan José Suárez “Paquete”, José María Bandera, Niño Josele, Jesús de Rosario, Juan Carmona, Ramon el Portugués, Miguel el Rubio, Montse Cortes, José Soto “Sorderita”, Rafael de Utrera, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Alain Pérez, Rubén Dantas, and others.

In 2010, he won three awards in the Madrid Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreography Competition for his show, Origen. These awards include: First Prize for Solo Choreography, Emerging Flamenco Artist, and Best Original Music (composed by Paco Cruz).

Recently, he was invited to participate in a tribute concert to Paco de Lucía, Beyond the Memory, sharing the stage with members of de Lucía’s band.

He was also invited to record in the Mediaset television program, Flamencos en El Berlín, collaborating with the biggest superstars in amenco dance: Antonio Canales, Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya “Farruquito”, Antonio Fernández Montoya “Farru”, José Maya, Paloma Fantova, and Belen López.

Currently, thanks to his versatility and knowledge of both music and dance, he has been asked to record and collaborate with some of the world’s biggest pop and jazz stars. Most notably, he participated in international superstar Paul Simon’s latest album, Stranger to Stranger. De los Reyes performed with Simon at the Madrid Barclays Center to an audience of 20,000.

He was also invited by the living legend of jazz, Chick Corea, to perform at his 75th birthday celebration at the Blue Note in New York, and later in Madison Square Garden.

Most recently, he has just wrapped the recording of Antidote, Chick Corea and the Spanish Heart Band’s latest album, which also features star musicians like Rubén Blades. The Spanish Heart Band toured Europe in Summer 2019, passing through some of the most important festivals in the continent such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, and Love Supreme among others.

Nino de los Reyes has three of his own shows, Origen, Inside, and his most recent creation, Tierra, directed by David Picazo.