La Moneta

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Special is, indeed, that moment when she dances for and to her own self with such naturality, just as La Moneta abandons herself to a daze, provoking a shared and aesthetic experience only with those accompanying her in the stage and crowd.

It all comes down to that very moment, the sensation that pushes towards something that continues to rummage on the inside, unknown, though intuiting that it will come to reality once you step onto the matter up in the stage; the place where the nourishing connection between body language, voice and guitar is born, the entrelacement between motion and echo, the echoes of flamenco, flowing like the silky threads which whom La Moneta ties her dance.  

Dance and Choreography:
La Moneta
Guitar: Luis Mariano
Singing: Juan Ángel Tirado, Raúl Gomez “El Mikey”
Percussion: Miguel Rodríguez “El Cheyenne”

Fuensanta “La Moneta”.  Flamenco Dancer. Granada 1984.

Fuensanta ‘La Moneta’, is an example of an artist who discovered her vocation early. Her passion for flamenco began during her childhood. Because of her devotion and natural talent, she earned her place in the famous Zambras and Tablaos (flamenco theatres) in the Sacromonte of Granada while she was still a young girl. She also performed at concerts organised by television and radio companies and won many important awards.

La Moneta combines her studies with her work in ‘zambras’ and ‘tablaos’ to pay for her dancing training in courses tutored by the best teachers Javier Latorre, Mario Maya, Juan Andrés Maya, Juana Amaya, Matilde Coral, Israel Galván among others.

When she danced in Madrid for the first time at the age of 16 in the Sala Suristán in Madrid, every fan and critic who saw her there conceded that they were looking at someone who had all the qualities to become a big name in flamenco dancing. Following this performance, the flamenco magazine Alma 100 interviewed her and issued her on the cover, purporting her as the most outstanding flamenco dancer born in the eighties.

Since then, Fuensanta la Moneta has danced in the most prestigious flamenco clubs, in a large number of flamenco festivals and in theatres of several countries in Europe, Asia and America.

She joined Javier Latorre’s Company to work in the flamenco ballet plays “Triana, en el nombre de la rosa” and “Rinconete y Cortadillo”. She also took part in the flamenco show “Homenaje a Fosforito” (Homage to Fosforito) in the Cordoba National Flamenco Competition, and in the movie “Por qué se frotan las patitas” (Why do they rub their legs) by the director Álvaro Vegines.

She premiered the flamenco suite “Lo que trae el aire” in Los Veranos del Corral 2006.

In the Bienal Málaga en Flamenco in 2007, she premiered the flamenco dance play “De entre la luna y los hombres” directed by Hansel Cereza.

In Los Veranos del Corral 2009 she presented, along with the flamenco dancer and choreographer Rafael Estévez, a flamenco experience with the title Estévez & La Moneta.

In the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2010, she premiered the flamenco suite “Bailar, vivir”.

In the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada 2010, she premiered “Extremo Jondo”.

In the celebrations of Corpus Christi in Granada 2012, she premiered “Muy especial”

In the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012, she premiered “La Moneta, paso a paso”.

In the Generalife Theater and for the Lorca and Granada program 2013, “DUENDE” premieres along with the bailaor and choreographer Manuel Liñán.

2013. Creates and directs the Choreographic Laboratory of Urban Flamenco.

2015. Directed “Reflections”, from the Choreographic Laboratory of Urban Flamenco, premiered at the Isabel la Católica Theater in Granada.

2015. “Divine Human Love” premiered on poems by Santa Teresa.

2016. He premieres at the Festival de Jerez, with the Choreographic Laboratory of Urban Flamenco, the ballet “Fui piedra”.

In 2011 she collaborated with composer Mauricio Sotelo at the premiere of the play “Muerte sin fin”, based on the poem by Jose Gorostiza, released as a compact version at the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam for the Dutch Flamenco Biennale, and as a full version at the Teatro Real de Madrid for the Suma Flamenca. She also collaborated in the world premiere of the play “Luz sobre lienzo” by the master Sotelo in the Auditorium 400 at the Centro Nacional de Arte Museo Reina Sofia to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Constitution of Cadiz “La Pepa”.

2015. He collaborates in the CD “Circulo Primitivo” by the rock band Fausto Taranto.

In 2003 she won the National Dance Competition prize “El Desplante” at the Festival de Cante de las Minas de La Unión.

In 2008 she was awarded with the first prize “Young Artist” at the Torrelodones Flamenco Festival, Madrid.

In 2010, the Spanish association of journalists specialized in flamenco awarded her with the “Premio Flamenco Hoy” to the best dancer in 2009.

In 2011 the flamenco club El Taranto of Almería, awarded her with the Premio El Taranto for the best flamenco show of the year in Almeria.

Fuensanta ‘la Moneta’ not only has acquired, among her artistic strengths, a deep expressive dramatic quality, an incredible mastering of compás (the intricate flamenco rhythms), a large variety of registers, a wide knowledge of cante (flamenco singing forms), but she also has an innate talent that allows her to dance, even the most difficult styles, as easily as she breathes an ancient form of art, and although her approach seems contemporary, her dancing style seems as ancient as the flamenco that flows through her veins.