David Pérez

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“Puntal” (Depth) is a proposal born from simplicity, from need and the most profound interior recesses of an artist. It’s free from arguments and drama. Its pillars rest on the personal feelings compiling the artist. On that special sensitivity that characterized and distinguishes him from others. It origins back to multiple dimensions of emotions that spring out of the bowels of Flamenco art. From its lyrics. From its expression. From its movements. From its lament and gestures. Through the trident that sustains Flamenco Jondo: singing, dancing and guitar. Those three branches are shown in the same context, through the tenderness of a human soul. Three depths that compose the essence of the dance by David Pérez… The voice, making vibrate all his senses. The guitar, that breathers life into his body. And the dance, its language that gives free rein to all his expressive potential. Showing him as he is.

“Puntal” stems from classical approaches, preserving the rootsand traditional structure. Constantly keeping present those three flamenco dimensions onstage. Laying open the most representative styles (palos). And, above all, assigning to every “depth” the value that it features and deserves.

David Pérez
Miguel Pérez 
Singing: Jeromo Segura
Direction and choreography: David Pérez
Music: Miguel Pérez
Light design:  Antonio Valiente
Sound engineer: Juan Luis Vela

I was born in Alcala de Guadaira (Sevilla) where I started dancing at the age of 13. I continued my development under the influence of different teachers such as Manolo Marin, Javier Cruz, Rafael Campallo and Manuel Betanzos.

I am acknowledged with the following awards:
– “El Desplante”, Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas 2004
– “Jovenes Flamencos de Andalucia”, 2006.

Here are some of the companies and artists I worked with during those years:
– The show “El Clave de 6” directed by José Luis OrtizNuevo, together with Javier Baron, Esperanza Fernández and Manolo Franco.
– “Vaivienes” and “Dos voces para un baile” by JavierBarón, in collaboration with the guitarist Niño de Pura, Manolo franco and Carlos Piñana
– Participation in the show “Noche de Sevilla” for the closure of Rome Biennale 2009 together with Antonio Canales, Milagros Mengibar, Pastora Galván and José de Tomasa
– Performing in the show “4 Noches” for the Seville Flamenco Biennale 2008
–  The show “Suspiro flamenco” by Manuela Carrasco
–  Was dance partner of El Mistela in the performances“Bailaografías” and “Del Corazon al tacón”
–  “Carmen” by Salvador Távora
–  Represented Mario Maya in the show “Andalucia, el Flamenco y la Humanidad”
– Show “Fiesta Gitana” by Curro Vélez
– Collaboration with various artists including Loli Flores, Carmelita Montoya, Lalo Tejada, Rafael Campallo, Rocío Bazán, Maria Serrano, Isabel Bayon and Milagros Mengibar, among others.

In 2009 I premiered my first show “Flamencos” in theframework of Jerez Flamenco Festival, and then brought it toTurkey, the Netherlands, Asia, etc. “Flamencos” was warmlyreceived in the theatres of Nairobi and Kuwait as well.
In 2011 I released “Puntal”, with which I went on tour atnational and international festivals, such as Lille (France), Rose and Sofia (Bulgaria). Later on Tokyo audience couldenjoy it in tablao “El Flamenco” during 6 months.
I shared the stage with Luisa Palicio in the show “Primer Amor” under the direction of David Montero.
Worked as a “flamenco representative” within projectsorganized by Cervantes Institute for Spanish embassies all around the world: France, the Netherlands, St.Louis, Chicago, Mexico, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Morocco, etc.

I presented my creations and collective works in various festivals, art cycles and events, for example: Dusseldorf (Germany), Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya (Turkey), IbéricaFestival (Czech Republic), International Festival “Cante de los minas”, Mont de Marsan (France), Montellano (Cádiz), Joaquín de la Paula, Antonio Mairena, Marchena; Los Veranos del Carbon, Jóvenes Flamencos /Young Flamencos, Flamenco viene del Sur, CICUS of Seville, Suma Flamenca, Seville Flamenco Biennale, Federation of Flamenco Peñas, Flamenco in Teatro Central, Seville.

I started professionally perform in tablao “El Arenal”, Sevilla, and since then danced in famous “Los Gallos”, “Casa de la Memoria”, “Patio Sevillano” and “Casa Patas”.

At the moment I keep on giving flamenco courses worldwide, now combining my trips abroad with teaching in the Academy of Manuel Betanzos in Seville.